I set out on a mission. A mission to live a different life. A mission to offer a helping hand to that woman sitting derelict on the streets. Under the dark clouds. Under the cold. with her two children; looking up at her from beneath her bosom with hope. Hope that mama knows best. Hope... Continue Reading →

Hot tea; the colosseum!!!

I left the office and walked into this belleza!! This restaurant is beautiful to say the least. Bellissimo! perfecto! To say the truth, You even know the food is tasty without it being served. FYI Italian pasta is always the best and BTW their pizza is amazeballs! ***** Let me serve you with some hot... Continue Reading →

Twenties! 2️⃣0️⃣➡️

Twenties are hella lit! Twenties are hella fun! Twenties are hella sad....... Effin twenties! Issa rite of passage .... At my twenties I crave a love so deep that the ocean would be jealous. At my twenties I wish I was a baby at times. I was once at the verge of a nervous break... Continue Reading →


  My dress was wine red and I was sipping red wine. I would rather white dry wine any day But today I fancied red wine since I was dressed in a red dress, To say the least I I found the camouflage intriguing. Plus what is sexier than a dame in a long red... Continue Reading →


Do you recall? The silent isn’t So bad, Till I look in my hands and feel sad, Coz the spaces in between my fingers Are right where yours fit perfectly………   This is just but a lyrical thought as I sit on my bed late night after a tremendously hectic day. I was having coffee... Continue Reading →

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