Do you recall?

The silent isn’t

So bad,

Till I look in my hands and feel sad,

Coz the spaces in between my fingers

Are right where yours fit perfectly………


This is just but a lyrical thought as I sit on my bed late night after a tremendously hectic day.

I was having coffee at java and someone reminded me of you, their cologne and demeanor reminded me of you Jeremy.

These lyrics are now scurrying through my mind flying around I can almost see the words in my medulla.

I can’t help but reminisce.

Do you remember?  When we sat at the front poach all night as we watched the stars and listened to music. You loved playing me music.

Do you remember how you would spoil me rotten!

I remember your whole persona and I almost recall some of your texts that I would revise and smile or laugh so hard

“I dropped a tear in the ocean and the day I will find it is the day I will stop loving you.|”

You helped me figure me out and you helped my naïve self-understand why the boys were staring at me as though I was some snack. You taught me the essence of beauty and that it is skin deep as well.


I loved you, and you loved me back.


Do you remember that day I looked a wreck?

I ate something wrong and my entire face was infested with some gigantic zits and blackheads?

I was young; I was scared out of my wits,

I almost hid from the face of the universe, I felt like a fish out of water.

I thought I will be ugly Betty for life, I had no clue what was happening and adding salt to the injury, it itch all over.

I cried a river, remember?

I have this night etched in my memory for eternity.

I remember, you held me as we stood in the shower for a long time.

Do you recall how the water was so cold but you stood there with me since only the cold water could soothe my burning zit infested face?

Do you remember touching my face as cold water drip on it, you told me I was beautiful?

Do you remember you put me to bed in the wee hours later that night?

You were a magic that dwells in me still.

Remember how you were so nice to me but I tossed it all away?

I tossed it in the trash, Bruno mars inspirational lyrics… you would catch a grenade for me but I just tossed it in the trash.

I made you mad all the time, I was a rebel, I was stubborn and I remember towards the end I hit you with a straw too many and it was KAPUT.

I left you and never looked back.

Remember how you thought I was a relic for leaving you?


Remember being distraught?

Do you remember hating me?

I bet you never did coz your love for me was umpteen.

Sometime you just leave with no relevant explanation to anything.

Remember how you wanted to call me or leave me a text but I had already blocked your number?

Remember how you drunk yourself to oblivion to forget?

It was not your fault Jeremy.

It was no bodies fault.




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  1. Wonderful artical, the gaps between your fingers is for afriend to come ahold your hand and fill in the gaps with joy. 😇


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