My dress was wine red and I was sipping red wine.

I would rather white dry wine any day

But today I fancied red wine since I was dressed in a red dress,

To say the least I I found the camouflage intriguing.

Plus what is sexier than a dame in a long red gown sipping red wine? (This is the part I roll my eyes as I write)

“Ha! Heaven help me.”

The ambience was spectacularly beautiful.

It looked very familiar as if I had been there in real life.

I love places as such, with nice soothing music, strikingly beautiful chandeliers, with bouquets of flowers well placed around the room and with state of the art décor.

Talk of scenic beauty

I could feel that I belonged here.

Everyone looked so pleasant and well put, dressed to kill. Not just any one comes to such places! To come here you need big pockets, you have to be dressed a certain way.


I could hear the endless chatter people were having amidst the music which emanated from all corners of the room.

People can surely talk.

And with the help of endless cocktails that kept flowing from waiter to table, waiter to table everyone was a chatterbox.

People apparently had so much to talk about.

Everyone here seemed totally elated, as if they just got invited to the Grammys.

I even heard a laugh from across the other side of the hall.

In here there was certainly no room for sadness.

I felt great. I was happy.

As happy as a king! (Or queen for this matter)

The gentlemen looked superb. So was the one seated across my table?

I sat there with an ear to ear grin plastered on my visage. You made me laugh so hard, laugh from my eyes.

I felt a sense of belongingness. This is where I belong.

I belonged here with you.

I was happy, I was at peace. I could feel peacefulness my skin was even glowing and when he touched my thighs from under the table I felt a fiery sensation and I don’t even know why I burst into pits of laughter at this gesture.

He was a turn on….

His cologne was divine and I could almost smell it when I woke from my beautiful dream.

It was surreal!

I wished it was real because you made me laugh harder than anyone else.

Because I finally felt at peace

Because the void I had always felt was gone, it was there no more

Because my heart was no longer cold

Because with you across the table that night I felt I could love again.

Because your eyes were stuck on me the entire night,

They did not roam around as though looking for someone or something.

Because you saw right through me and you quieted all my insecurities

Because your cologne was divine

Because you held my hand and taught me to trust you

Because we danced the night away

Because I had finally found someone who would look after me,

Because love is not selfish

Because love is a two way traffic

Because I finished all your sentences

And owing to this I had to find the gentleman from my dream.

Am I wrong?

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