Twenties! 2️⃣0️⃣➡️

Twenties are hella lit! Twenties are hella fun! Twenties are hella sad…….
Effin twenties!
Issa rite of passage ….

At my twenties
I crave a love so deep that the ocean would be jealous.

At my twenties I wish I was a baby at times.

I was once at the verge of a nervous break down while I caught myself Staring at a baby .

He was having the time of his life
jumping up and down
a bouncy castle,
laughing hysterically.
Here I was ogling,my eyes glued on him and sulking at the same time as if it was their fault I was in my twenties.
As though it was their fault that I was going through a heck of a disaster within myself.

Sorry kiddo it was just one of those lousy days.

At my twenties
I have tasted heart break.
It hurts,it’s effin painful.
I know that salty feeling in your throat from crying. Yes that feeling!

At my twenties
I am in school,
still dealing with education.

At my twenties
Every human being reminds me am a grown up as if I do not know,
as if I do not look at my chest and figure that even biologically speaking I am not an effin child.

In your twenties
You discover every meal is worth a dime, you effin pay for electricity and this thing called tax.
With money………money! Solid! Real!Hard earned money!

At your twenties
You at times just cry or laugh for no reason.
Psychotic tendencies!

At your twenties you discover the various social ratings…..

let’s face it, some people are twenty and they drive range rovers …..
Like is nothing!!
(That’s what my friend says)
like is nothing!!!

In your twenties, you meet such kids
Filthy rich!
rich like the rich kids of Beverly Hills.
At the same time there are the poor ones and you are supposed to blend in automatically.
Because you know what?

We are all alike in Gods eyes.

At your twenties too you start to drink, shisha is in for the taking too.
Life is just too much for the taking!

At your twenties
expects too much from you without the slightest dwindle of illustration on where to begin…..

Never to forget that 18/24 is normally the loudest of all social gatherings.

Oh well!
Better yet,
At your twenties you are supposed to make right decisions

Be in good relationships.

At your twenties in fact
you ought to figure out what good relationships are.

This is apparently as hard as sugarcane,
it is hard to crack,
it is sweet-when it cracks,
always tantalizing and tasty,
finger liking to say the least …

then when it leaves, when you realize it was not your cup of tea
you now have wounds in your mouth,

Yes wounds in the mouth from the sugarcane,
Because you liked the taste of his sugarcane.

Effin twenties !!!!!
All of you out there twenties are frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But hold up
It is ok to get lost, to be wild and arrogant, to be frustrated and to feel hopelessness, it is ok to feel lonely, to love and to be hurt, to be rich or poor, to cry a river……….

All in all,Face your twenties
with the courage of a Viking with the brevity of a warrior
Because twenties define your ultimate goal, where you are headed and whether you will reach for your stars.
Don’t get lost for good!
Find yourself!
Redeem yourself!
Tame yourself!
As hard as it may be to tame a wild horse
It is possible.

Xoxo lovies🌸🌸

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