I set out on a mission.

A mission to live a different life.
A mission to offer a helping hand to that woman sitting derelict on the streets.
Under the dark clouds.
Under the cold.
with her two children; looking up at her from beneath her bosom with hope.
Hope that mama knows best.
Hope of a brighter tomorrow.

I can tell that they are famished.
There eye send a sad symphony
One is shivering like a feeble twig
A persistent fly is on the others head but he does not even notice it!
Yet my friend Ana on her full stomach likes to yap around on how she can’t give a dime to a person who has two hands begging on the streets.

She says they should get a job,
“Si watafute kibarua ”.

I am set on a mission
I am hell bent on my mission
I am fed up with so many things at the moment.

Kibarua inatoka wapi?

Gone were the days, the richer days
The days our economy was booming.
Money would flow from the rich man to the poor one like a boomerang.

Now money flows amongst the rich,they are all cohorts.
Now we face a catastrophe not known to the rich.
I mean they can afford private jets for their children.
State of the art luxury accommodation,
They feed on caviar and proper champagne on golden platters.

We are not throwing stones at glass houses.
We are seeking solid change and redemption for the less fortunate.

Have you walked into our newly erected malls and noticed they are somewhat almost empty??
Ask yourself why??

Who has money to buy a suit for even 250 dollars? Or a spoon for 25 dollars.
Certainly not most people.
Most people are unemployed.

Have you noticed the rate of unemployment among the youth?
Haven’t you?

We were told to go to school if we want executive lifestyles.
School we went. We hella burnt the midnight oil trying to get physics and chemistry into our brains.

Have you noticed how someone has spent 6years studying all the various laws including the law of the sea but they now want to go to Australia to do nursing?
And if they cannot get the visa and the school fees they want to put an end to their life!

Because they have had it with unemployment and unattainable bills.
Because they hear that out there exists greener pastures.

Because down here you certainly have to know the right persons to scoop that job.

Ironically there is a shortage of medicine personnel but so many unemployed young people are idling around hopeless. On the same note so many ‘youngings’ are out there pursuing medicine abroad.
Talk of brain drain.

Misery has become but a part and parcel of life.

And then they blame the millennials for being idle and dealing drugs. And they are the head cartels.

Most millennials are fine by me
we are just so consumed and accustomed to the culture and trend we see with a blend of a little confusion, westernization and nerve cracking urge to see an element of change.

Why can’t I form a company at a tender legal age and get opportunities??
Why are most of my hopes shuttered?
Why did I have to study so hard in high school only to face wrath?
Why am I struggling to just exit and fly away to anywhere else because the struggle down here is thick and a mean ass bitch.

Can we just stop with the corruptness of our ways?
Can our leaders deliver tangible change, that they can account for?

Can jobs be given to those qualified as well?
Can we all just offer a helping hand to those who need it?
Can everyone be hell bent towards this mission?

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