I am a lawyer and a mother  to the most beautiful girl in the universe. I keep up with the Kardashians as well and I think E entertainment is one of the best tv channels of all times despite all the ideologies behind pop of culture.

On weekdays am mostly caught up in the mumbo jumbo of this Nairobi lifestyle where you must work to afford a rather envisaged lifestyle you want to sustain… towards the end of the week you might catch me somewhere with an enormous glass of wine. On weekends I love to just laze around, cook, take dogs for a walk, watch movies, go for horse riding maybe go on a hike somewhere, I have an eye for scenic beauty! But mostly I simply just bum around with those I love (Nero, Jake, Theo………..) where we get to dream of how one day we will have breakfast in Rome, lunch in Chicago and well how about dinner in Miami and a night out at Ibiza……….. we are millennials and dreamers.

Life in my point of view is a story, some stories as dramatic and chilling as a bedroom window shattering at midnight and some just the usual bustles of life we all go through including LOVE ……  I would certainly enjoy the pleasure of indulging you all in all the dimensions of life as told in words.

As a lawyer who loves to read and write I will also give you a hint of the rule of law from time to time.

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